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What is art, if it isn’t rooted in humdrum existence Well, art has thrived for centuries. Yet its potency as a possible antidote to myriad problems of life is intangible and unrealistic. Earlier, people who could secure ends meet indulged themselves in abstract yet sublime pursuits as art. But when the banality of life couldn’tContinue reading

The Testaments and many lessons it carries

My lessons derived from The Testaments deeply entrenched in the fear of not just imagining the kind of world depicted in the book but the fault lines of our societies, when magnified may become detrimental to women.

1Q84: A Book Review

1Q84 is a typical culmination of Murakamian writings over the years. Someone who has read Murakami extensively will find some recurring themes ranging from domestic violence, runaways, melancholy followed by a profound loss, parochialism & fanaticism of some religious sects, to stranger events taking place in tandem. Those who take great delight in magical realism,Continue reading “1Q84: A Book Review”


Since the pandemic ravaged the world, there has been a persistent reckoning with the fact that the clock is ticking, if left unaddressed will lead to a catastrophe, subsuming the gargantuan axioms of development. Our health infrastructure crumbled, world cooperation waned, livelihoods were battered, poverty rampaged and everybody rued at the drop of a hat.Continue reading “IN DALLIANCE WITH NATURE”


A debut novel by Avni Doshi ‘Burnt Sugar” made to the nominations of the booker prize, this year, however this book was published as “A girl in white cotton’’ in India last year. This book is set around an idea of motherhood which will irritate an average Indian mother. The book evolves with the presentContinue reading “BURNT SUGAR”

A Year of New Normals

The interesting thing about normalcy is that it isn’t normal Many commentators have called this year a complete annus horribilus, which isn’t an exaggeration. Normalcy became a farce, a virus traversed from east to the west, from oceans to poles, which ravaged life and led to so many new normals. Masks what an awful thing,Continue reading “A Year of New Normals”

My Young Mind

I am not a child anymore, I hear them say. I am young so I need a drink to make sense of  things I can’t decipher otherwise. I need to go along, no more questions, as grownups are supposed to know everything. My young mind ought to be full of aspirations and I must constantlyContinue reading “My Young Mind”

Years in the making

So I turned 21 today, when the clock struck 12 my heart beat was normal, seemed like any other day with a date more frequently known as we mention date of birth in many areas, so it’s unlikely that one forgets her birthday; what’s so special about birthdays? Every year they come over & againContinue reading “Years in the making”

Time For Nature

With time,our priorities change, from pre cambrian era of nothingness to the industrial era of using nature’s bounty to serve our yearnings of development and now a newer reality of virtuality where machines are getting smarter than the ideas which formed the basis to create them, we have come a long way. From the hindsight,Continue reading “Time For Nature”

Trust Deficit

Sometimes when there seems no reason,no rationality to keep going as the scorching heat would soak the flesh in sweat, making it succumb to the panting, the fulmination of breaths drying slowly! But somehow some tread on leaving excoriation of the suffering behind&toiling till the trust fades. This trust if firm& determined, never fades andContinue reading “Trust Deficit”

A tale of two cities

A tale of two cities is a classic of 1859,a novel from which the journey to English literature stars for many, written by Charles Dickens is a tremendous piece depicting complexities of humans, their yearning for solidarity, solace, freedom, love, anguish and what not! So here is a note to Mr. Charles Dickens : AContinue reading “A tale of two cities”

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