Pandemic, Politics&People

‘Soon after the pandemic ravaged, paradigm shifts became a new normal from the mode of governance in some countries to the not so wanted banality of power play in India by ordinances or shuffling chairs”

To paraphrase Gandhiji he believed he was in politics to serve people,to ameliorate dialogue between the poles to come to a consensus for larger good, to help them better free themselves than being caged to someone’s greed& lust of power. What a great idea to teach others of the importance of ethics and moral values. But in contrast to indian context, it becomes cumbersome to find out that when was such a will practised last time without giving a second thought, sure with changing times one can’t always stick to some old trite sayings of serving others as Machiavellian instincts are bearing fruit after all, but in politics of contemporary times there’s a pretence of having done everything at the behest of something & in most of the cases nothing, with the holistic use of trained trolling army & fake news industry, media as cheerleader to applaud everything as masterstroke, it has become quite easier, people are now being made to feel grateful about things which they never would have thought of having been relatable to, when they are left with no support but a perpetual intimidation of a sheer callousness & ad hocism of high command, while toiling with blood& sweat they get to know of their new CM, because for whom they voted were bought with a lucrative amount, doesn’t this all seem like a theatrical plot where some chosen characters are narrating the story and acting to it, while the public in the name of whom all the kerfuffle is about, left in lurch to fend for itself, like people looking at cameras with amusement when some film is being shot in their narrow lanes. In schools, it is taught since we still follow the great Victorian model of education, a reason isn’t reason enough if not backed by instances ( better if they are real world) so amidst many I am quoting the Rajasthan one. Rajasthan political crisis has taken the centre stage, a great relief from usual boring Covid numbers, china, Pakistan. Now ,in a sober democracy if something like this happens, media must be talking of the hardships people will be facing with a leadership vacuum, without representatives to address their grievances especially when such an unprecedented pandemic situation is all cruel , when lives& livelihoods are on the brink of creaking effortlessly, but our case is never like anyone, here there’s hardly a talk of people, either it’s about political parties ,the palatable embrace of some supreme leaders, the bashing of dynasts and constant vilification of Pakistan (must needed). Those who talk of people in no time are thrashed & categorised as leftist, anti nationals and so on. Well, if you go by the political scientists they believe to serve people (themselves too) , sometimes it becomes important to shift sides,what Mr. Pilot does next is an intriguing twist to keep a careful watch at, he couldn’t serve in the system the way he’d wanted and people have trusted him with, so to work for the greater cause he’s bringing his suffocation to an end by fanning the flames of a rebellion which probably wouldn’t result into a power shift as the old guard has got the numbers for now at least. Just this much saying and he& the adversary will be heroes in the chosen sects but the people who suffer at large aren’t given due recognition. Rajasthan had large number of cases in early stage of the pandemic and still there are no signs of a retreat, Bhilwara was a success story for which the government did a lot of chest thumping in advertisements, the money for the same could have been used for extra ventilators or something but that’s nothing in comparison to giving hope to public in the name of decisive& caring state ? Now if MlA’s are coaxed from both sides, an arbitrary auction is being conducted to offer the best price ,who will look after the millions dying in silence, dreams of millions perishing as they can’t afford to attend school, jobs are lost as days are unfolding, rule of law doesn’t now even find a mention as instant justices are delivered by empowered cops , what a great mockery of democracy?

Published by Shiwangi Sharma

I think of being creative & Think again and something like that. A heavy dreamer, A dreamer who's battling to become a doer, someday I hope! Silent observer, ramble in my head, tennis šŸŽ¾aficionado but not a crazy fan either, Reading & a little less often writing are my things! More funny than I sound, if that makes any sense? Clear skies & sunsets, love stars but not moon, it's highly overrated. Animal lover, lost 3 dogs and now devoid of love.

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