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My Young Mind

I am not a child anymore, I hear them say. I am young so I need a drink to make sense of  things I can’t decipher otherwise. I need to go along, no more questions, as grownups are supposed to know everything. My young mind ought to be full of aspirations and I must constantlyContinue reading “My Young Mind”


Years in the making

So I turned 21 today, when the clock struck 12 my heart beat was normal, seemed like any other day with a date more frequently known as we mention date of birth in many areas, so it’s unlikely that one forgets her birthday; what’s so special about birthdays? Every year they come over & againContinue reading “Years in the making”

Years passed, someone reminded ‘four in a fury’

Either poets romanticise the extreme ecstasy of being in love or the absolute agony of a loss, but how would i romanticise some years that passed, engulfed in an inevitable loss or the quagmire yet to approach,if the business is to continue as usual! Being a day scholar one doesn’t always get to live muchContinue reading “Years passed, someone reminded ‘four in a fury’”

Time For Nature

With time,our priorities change, from pre cambrian era of nothingness to the industrial era of using nature’s bounty to serve our yearnings of development and now a newer reality of virtuality where machines are getting smarter than the ideas which formed the basis to create them, we have come a long way. From the hindsight,Continue reading “Time For Nature”

Trust Deficit

Sometimes when there seems no reason,no rationality to keep going as the scorching heat would soak the flesh in sweat, making it succumb to the panting, the fulmination of breaths drying slowly! But somehow some tread on leaving excoriation of the suffering behind&toiling till the trust fades. This trust if firm& determined, never fades andContinue reading “Trust Deficit”

My experiments with love

I’d wonder,how much in love one needs to be to find moon, stars, sun, sky&the infinity in someone’s eyes. How much it takes to fall for just a smile and rewinding it over and again, like a beautiful melody lifting you a bit higher. How much would it be to fall and fall deeper whenContinue reading “My experiments with love”