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Turning us into celebrities: The dubious lure of lavish weddings fuelled by social media frenzy & celebrity aesthetic

image courtesy: Internet As the saying goes, the more things change the more they remain the same. My father’s generation was smitten with Rahul Roy, after the tremendous success of Aashiqui. My mother’s with Madhuri. So they shambolically tried to emulate those much vaunted coiffures and dressing styles with their moribund access to fashion. ItContinue reading “Turning us into celebrities: The dubious lure of lavish weddings fuelled by social media frenzy & celebrity aesthetic”

What is art, if it isn’t rooted in humdrum existence Well, art has thrived for centuries. Yet its potency as a possible antidote to myriad problems of life is intangible and unrealistic. Earlier, people who could secure ends meet indulged themselves in abstract yet sublime pursuits as art. But when the banality of life couldn’tContinue reading

The Testaments and many lessons it carries

My lessons derived from The Testaments deeply entrenched in the fear of not just imagining the kind of world depicted in the book but the fault lines of our societies, when magnified may become detrimental to women.


It’s a magnificent tale of friendship, a quest to jump off insularity, prejudices against outsiders, filial love, temerity& joys of exploration Objectivity is an antithetical term for humans in general, not for judges; they are allowed to be biased towards the dissemination of justice and the pursuit of truth. Thus to make sense of ourContinue reading “LUCA AND THE PIXAR PHENOMENON”

1Q84: A Book Review

1Q84 is a typical culmination of Murakamian writings over the years. Someone who has read Murakami extensively will find some recurring themes ranging from domestic violence, runaways, melancholy followed by a profound loss, parochialism & fanaticism of some religious sects, to stranger events taking place in tandem. Those who take great delight in magical realism,Continue reading “1Q84: A Book Review”


Since the pandemic ravaged the world, there has been a persistent reckoning with the fact that the clock is ticking, if left unaddressed will lead to a catastrophe, subsuming the gargantuan axioms of development. Our health infrastructure crumbled, world cooperation waned, livelihoods were battered, poverty rampaged and everybody rued at the drop of a hat.Continue reading “IN DALLIANCE WITH NATURE”

THE NAMESAKE – Book Review

Whereabouts is the latest book of Jhumpa Lahiri, which she wrote in Italian and now has translated into English herself. But here is a nostalgic return to her older work, I read some 4 years back, based on which a movie starring Irrfan Khan and Tabbu has been made. “A simple tale of Indian expatriatesContinue reading “THE NAMESAKE – Book Review”

SHUGGIE BAIN- 2020 Booker Prize winner

A Book Review How Some Much Rhapsodized Reforms Turn Ordinary Lives Upside Down, Shuggie Bain Makes a Strong Case in Its Entirety There were different adjectives used to make sense of the uncertainty and instability unveiled by 2020. So the monotony of coping with lockdown ordeals, insecurity of being isolated, and apprehension of going throughContinue reading “SHUGGIE BAIN- 2020 Booker Prize winner”


A debut novel by Avni Doshi ‘Burnt Sugar” made to the nominations of the booker prize, this year, however this book was published as “A girl in white cotton’’ in India last year. This book is set around an idea of motherhood which will irritate an average Indian mother. The book evolves with the presentContinue reading “BURNT SUGAR”