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THE NAMESAKE – Book Review

Whereabouts is the latest book of Jhumpa Lahiri, which she wrote in Italian and now has translated into English herself. But here is a nostalgic return to her older work, I read some 4 years back, based on which a movie starring Irrfan Khan and Tabbu has been made. “A simple tale of Indian expatriatesContinue reading “THE NAMESAKE – Book Review”

SHUGGIE BAIN- 2020 Booker Prize winner

A Book Review How Some Much Rhapsodized Reforms Turn Ordinary Lives Upside Down, Shuggie Bain Makes a Strong Case in Its Entirety There were different adjectives used to make sense of the uncertainty and instability unveiled by 2020. So the monotony of coping with lockdown ordeals, insecurity of being isolated, and apprehension of going throughContinue reading “SHUGGIE BAIN- 2020 Booker Prize winner”