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lessons for learning’s sake

Hey long time ,since heard you whinging over every moment you live with others, as I told you not to hate yourself after all , you got yourself  only, so don’t  see a point in moving with that stream of hatred. So you  made peace with yourself,  by going to restaurants by yourself you learned to be confident of your way of living, you learned to walk alone on those roads which were full of mayhem of people but to you were empty as you had to pass through  everything every time alone. You did a good job, they admonished and then grew oblivious of bothering you as you sailed deeper with this elixir of self love. Now what, you started complaining about people, something you liked about yourself  that you didn’t judge people for them being this way or the way around, you let them breathe freely in your shadow of solace,  let me tell you by doing so you were not losing yourself in this process of having togetherness of real humans than just your characters of fantasy. They  were just some lessons that we skip usually, because they don’t seem  to be as important as exam point of view, you leave them & in any case they pop up  in the question paper, it becomes a common saying that damn its out of syllabus or ,more precisely doesn’t lead to anywhere. So that aspect or learning you abandoned , abandoned you in long run like life, there is no syllabus, there is an infinite ocean of knowledge as wide and spread over the land like this unimaginable number of stars in the sky. You have to learn from it but at the cost of sufferings sometime, when you are numb, when there seems no reason in going big enough than watching your favorite movie or reading your favorite book or going to places unvisited before or just allowing yourself to sink deeper into the whirlpool of emotions, there seems no bigger reason even when you know it will hurt, yet with this empowered obstinacy you make the move, you live , you cry, suffer and learn what was meant to be learned. But this ocean is infinite, infinite is just a lousy way to name something which goes beyond the boundaries of imagination, something that hasn’t known of a beginning and end is as wicked as telling universe  is what we believe in. so with this infinite amount of learning, how far are you able  to learn and grow? As you can’t cover the syllabus how will you make it for the exam?

Here is the deal either you learn conventionally without making n o mistakes or start giving every test life throws, be unprepared for something unprecedented, if you fail or win both of them have their parts of lessons in them, that you have to unfold, once you do you make it to the another level. This learning is constant, there is no end to this, its everywhere like those snow clad peaks I see everywhere ,no  matter where I go in this little world of mine, because they are higher than everything, so you see them maa told me once. And the beauty of this ocean is that you can’t apply the same lessons you learned at the cost of losing a part of happiness that could have paved your way but you weren’t good at selecting the course of your living. There can be similar problems but the concepts are going to be newer every time. It’s been several times that people abandoned you, the very same bunch which you’d find the closest to yourself like this happy tale where people of diversities come together and live a part with and within each other. So what, even if you lost a part of happiness because of your fate or making just not so smart choices, thus losing a part of serendipity that was knocking at your door.

Does it all suggest not to trust people, not to let anyone enter in your world of love, compassion an d a sense of belongingness to others, if just for the sake of your lesson, you’d abandon then you aren’t changing the course of your life, you aren’t letting the odds win, it’s you who  has to survive and once again set the curves  straight, making barriers wouldn’t let the sunshine enter your way, and all you need in this era of coldness is a heartwarming brisk sunshine, making those snow clad peaks smile. People can come and go , strangers can visit and even stay forever if they wish too. But here you don’t need to change the course of the life, no you don’t change goodness just to make it compete with the evil, hatred can never bring you the peace of mind that you yearn over, it’s the love that will comfort you in every storm. It has always guided the lost souls. It will guide you, you might be suffering at the cost of being good in this world of schadenfreude, but the peace and a love you would have for yourself will be something serene beyond the reach of any blasphemy. Because we need each other, if everyone started separating out then who will know about friendship, love, how will we learn about treason, heart breaking, and betrayal they will be newer? so how will  we learn about the infiniteness  of that ocean of life! So if you are heartbroken  I bet you cover your bruises up and look out, your heart is invincible, it will heal itself ,it will endure  every misery every miracle! We are meant to be this way!


Published by Shiwangi Sharma

I think of being creative & Think again and something like that. A heavy dreamer, A dreamer who's battling to become a doer, someday I hope! Silent observer, ramble in my head, tennis 🎾aficionado but not a crazy fan either, Reading & a little less often writing are my things! More funny than I sound, if that makes any sense? Clear skies & sunsets, love stars but not moon, it's overrated.

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