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Trust Deficit

i will live till the greys turn into blues& keep fooling me, i shall live in the hope of many”

Sometimes when there seems no reason,no rationality to keep going as the scorching heat would soak the flesh in sweat, making it succumb to the panting, the fulmination of breaths drying slowly! But somehow some tread on leaving excoriation of the suffering behind&toiling till the trust fades. This trust if firm& determined, never fades and when the conglomeration of trust and work comes into force, the greatest toil gives the celestial reward, a reward for not working aimlessly but via imbibing a trust into the core of the actions to lead on the way to destination.

This ‘Trust’ makes a difference,sometimes when the delirium becomes a denizen of the air, when the voids in the heart let enter this air into your flesh, this trust in the process, in the learning planned by some divinity saves the day and gives hope for another sunrise even after the tyranny of usurpers made up of water vapours masquerading as cushions of white feathers, tends to own the sky for days!

Sometimes when everything seems natural,organising and shifting with time as is supposed to be and accepted by heavens,when you feel it moving away from you even amid the jaunty crowd of faces known& unknown, when you move yet it feels like stillness, when the world sleeps and time is camouflaged in the dreams of millions, when there is peace upon trees, dew upon mountains, when harbingers sing the ballades of the solace, moon leads the darkness, when lovers make love under the stars, river’s romantic dalliance with the oceans brings smile to the crescendo of the faith! When days and their ilk pass and they all have myriad reasons to find each one different! But why for you, the night ensconces insomnia, why the demons in your head don’t let you sleep, why even breathing is an agony reminding of some pain of nothingness! Then what do you do? If i were in your place, i better have a trust in myself! my demons aren’t acquainted to the world, they are moving with me, even when i am still, they are planning something driving my faith on its knees, what am i doing? Not letting them go by protecting them? If i were you i better trust my faith in myself! Like somebody else in my place would have had!

What if the night melts, dawn breaks, sun shines, emptiness thrives, demon hides , scars stay, memories play, i better have the trust sometimes in me,sometimes in the process!

There is something in us that we are bestowed with this life, nature is the sublime wonder to tell us the glory of the beauty of living & serving, in it’s bounty we give meaning to our lives! There’s something in the sun& it’s greatness, the wind&it’s equanimity, flowers& their love for life! There’s something in us that they all greet us in different forms showing a pallette of nature’s hues by summer, winter, autumn & the ecstatic spring, everything is to inspire us to trust each other and our own selves!

The trust deficit is where your demons grind your hope!

Make this trust a ‘Thucydides trap’ as coined by Graham Allison; when one super power tries to replace the other beatific power!

Till then you sleep& i do the adamant tossing and turning with my Faith!

Surplus ( serendipity) Trust deficit (demons)


Published by Shiwangi Sharma

I think of being creative & Think again and something like that. A heavy dreamer, A dreamer who's battling to become a doer, someday I hope! Silent observer, ramble in my head, tennis 🎾aficionado but not a crazy fan either, Reading & a little less often writing are my things! More funny than I sound, if that makes any sense? Clear skies & sunsets, love stars but not moon, it's overrated.

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